LALIZAS launches into wave of growth

LALIZAS launches into wave of growth

LALIZAS manufactures marine safety equipment and boasts over 30 years experience and expertise in the European market. It is proud of its “innovative” marine products, which hold their own in the

global marine safety equipment and continues to build its strength as a brand.

LALIZAS manufactures and globally distributes over 10,000 products of marine equipment, life saving equipment and miscellaneous items directly related to various sea sports and activities. 

The company is rapidly growing, and has made some major investments in the sector, announcing the acquisition of NUOVA RADE, LOFRANS’, MAX POWER and OCEAN in December 2012.

“Launching four brands simultaneously has not been an easy task, but with the indispensable input of employees, it has resulted in the company’s growth and will continue to contribute positively in the continuous development of the South African operation,” says director Rushdi Gasant. The company operates under strict ISO controls and products carry many certifications worldwide.

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