Subtech dives right into the spirit of Phakisa

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In 2015, Subtech was host to a group of 13 Class 4 KZN Sharks Board Divers for a three-month period that was aimed at providing them with experiential learning across three aspects of the maritime industry – commercial diving, marine and safety. The aim of the experiential period was to provide these learners with exposure to the world of work across multiple disciplines within a learning environment.

The experiential learning period, which was funded by Subtech itself, consisted of work exposure in these three areas of the industry under close monitoring and performance management and was aimed at identifying those candidates with potential to continue with specific learning interventions with the end goal of employability.

The programme kicked off in August 2015 in Durban. Classroom sessions were hosted by the Diving, Marine and Safety Teams before the learners were deployed to work on site. The learners were assessed by their team leaders during each phase of their experiential learning with the assessment tool structured to measure the learner’s skills, ability and attitude towards tasks given.

The programme was a huge success and is set to continue in 2016 with the award by TETA of a discretionary grant for workplace learning. This funding will see eight of the original group of 13 return to Subtech South Africa on 1st June 2016 as newly graduated Class 3 divers to be deployed within the company’s operational activities for a period of 12 months.

In partnering in this skills development initiative, Subtech and the KZN Sharks Board have created the framework in which these learner divers can both complete formal commercial diving training courses and garner much needed work experience. This will assist them in securing employment and assist in building capacity in commercial diving in South African in keeping with the objectives of Operation Phakisa as regards the creation of a blue economy.

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