Joest Kwatani imports range of Aviteq electromagnetic drives

The Aviteq range of electromagnetic drives is available from Joest Kwatani. The Aviteq range of electromagnetic drives is available from Joest Kwatani.

In addition to importing a range of electromagnetic drives exclusively from Aviteq of Germany, specialist vibrating equipment supplier Joest Kwatani also supports its range of locally, in-house manufactured SFH electromagnetic super feeder drives.

Kim Schoepflin, managing director, Joest Kwatani, says that the company has built its reputation on developing an in-depth understanding of its customers’ specific application needs, and this has ensured that customised solutions which reduce downtime are provided.

The SFH range of electromagnetic vibrating drives is designed for feeding bulk materials at a controlled rate from stockpiles and hoppers to bulk materials handling equipment such as belt conveyors, crushers and screens. Joest Kwatani attained this product range through its acquisition of Lockers Engineers over two years ago.

“These are designed for use in medium to heavy applications such as quarries, coal plants, steel works and the chemical and food and beverage industries, as well as food-processing plants,” Theresa Walton, General Manager: Service, Joest Kwatani, says.

“The Aviteq range of electromagnetic drives is particularly suited to standard volumes where a high dosing accuracy is required,” Walton adds. Joest Kwatani has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Aviteq, formerly AEG, products in Africa, including electromagnetic drives and controllers.

The Aviteq drives are especially useful for smoother stop-start operations, as opposed to using exciter gearboxes and unbalanced motors, which have a more immediate stop action. “This is extremely useful in the example of a food processing company, where precisely measured ingredients are required for each batch. The Aviteq drives can control these ingredients down to the kilogram,” Walton explains.

Joest Kwatani is a locally owned OEM that designs and fabricates vibrating screens and feeders in-house. It has a 39-year track record of developing and supplying products for the African mining bulk materials handling market.

Joest Kwatani’s custom-designed vibrating equipment is engineered for tonnage, meaning that the equipment is characterised by its robustness and longevity in support of improving the customer’s uptime. “We make a difference to our customers by means of unique engineered solutions, which means the lowest cost of ownership for our customers,” Schoepflin says.

The company is committed to providing a fast turnaround time, with 24/7 customer service through its comprehensive network of service centres and branches located in all of the major mining areas in South Africa, in addition to a significant stockholding of OEM parts, which includes Joest Kwatani’s unbalanced motor and exciter gearbox range.

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