Real FMX for real analytics

Real FMX for real analytics

Materials handling productivity can be a contentious issue, with many variations on the measurements that are used too ascertain how well your machine or driver is working. “The truth is that there is only one method that can be used reliably and that is determining how much time is actually spent with a load on the forks. Not with ignition on, as this can only tell you that the machine is on, not if it is working,” states John Valentine, Director at Real Telematics.

With Real FMX you can see the actual time spent with a load on the forks, which can be separated into pre-calibrated high and low levels.

“We can then go further and show run hours separated into ‘Ignition On’, ‘Excess Idle’, ‘Wastage or Taxi Time’ (time used where there is no load, but excessive travel) and ‘Hoist Time’ on electrics versus Load Time," continues Valentine.

Real FMX also allows you to separate driver productivity from machine productivity, even if machines are changing hands throughout the day.

“Usually you get told by the drivers how very busy they are. In many cases this is so, but there are also instances where this strays from the truth," says Valentine.

Real FMX measures ‘Load’ vs ‘Run Hours’ on the machines, but also uses individual driver’s tags to track their productivity separately.

“This allows us to identify any driver on any machine at anytime. In turn this means a driver can only start machines he is authorised or qualified to start, and behaviour deviation is recorded and allocated to his personal record. Exceptions to the site parameters are immediately alerted to the supervisor or manager on duty for action, or recorded and reported later for follow up. We thus measure the time a driver is logged onto a machine/s and this is measured against how much load time has accumulated.”

"Any effective decision-making process should be based on accurate information. Start helping yourself today with Real FMX."

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