Real FMX standing tall in the materials handling field

Real FMX standing tall in the materials handling field

“Real Telematics thrives within the materials handling industry,” says John Valentine, New Business Director at Real Telematics. “Although we have a bouquet of other telematics offerings not related to fleet management, we find that our Real FMX Forklift Management System increasingly in demand,” says Valentine.

“We have grown from just one OES (Original Equipment Supplier) customer in 2010 to seven regular OES customers today, with another three ad hoc customers. We also have 20 to 30 smaller dealers and many direct customers in our fold, representing 1,000’s of forklifts across the country and internationally, all fitted with Real FMX.”

“The materials handling industry is constantly in a state of flux,” says Valentine. “It can be a very aggressive market and the successful OES/dealers are those that can shift focus into new channels before the rest, and then follow through with superior service. For this reason, we have had to ensure that Real FMX is adaptable in different industries. We do this through constant development and engaging with our customers on their needs. Simply put,” continues Valentine, “if Real FMX did not do what we say it will and deliver on the ROI (Return On Investment) we say is there, we would have no customer base. Today we are the primary forklift management system suppliers in the industry, a position we hold thanks to trust in our product and ongoing support of the materials handling industry.”

“Recently, we saw once again the rapid changes that can take place in the traditional forklift markets. Normally we focus very heavily on the warehousing, logistics, production and retail sectors, but we are now experiencing new avenues into the agricultural market,” claims Valentine.

“Gone are the pre-conceived perceptions of farmer stereotypes. Farmers are astute businessmen, either managing their own farms or through co-operatives,” says Valentine.

“I have had the privilege of visiting various estates such as Letaba LCP, AFP, Langeberg and Ashton and ZZ2 and seeing first-hand how these businesses are going high tech in every aspect. I found myself talking with qualified engineers, each one responsible for different facets of operations, which opened my eyes to the highly scientific nature of their work. Every aspect of the harvest and its distribution is planned down to the finest detail, including how they used their forklifts and tractors to optimize their operations. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I was also showed some highly experimental processes and concepts that simply blew me away, not just in their efficiency, but in their obvious simplicity. We have found that selling Real FMX to these people is a breeze as they understand implicitly the benefits that fuel and battery cut outs, transmission and engine protection give them, and they are often a few steps ahead with their questions.”

“This advanced technical attitude has migrated from the farms into their distribution channels – both locally and internationally – through companies such as RSA, DW Fresh, Fox and Brink and others situated at the Fresh Produce Markets throughout South Africa. These customers are amongst the first to fit Real FMX to their fleets and optimize their savings.”

“We can learn so much from Agriculture,” states Valentine. “This essential component of our economy does not receive half the credit it deserves. The heavy investment in people and equipment is certainly paying off for all of us.”

“Real FMX will be there, no matter your industry” concludes Valentine, “Paving the way to operational, maintenance and production savings you can count on with your materials
handling equipment.”

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