Fix-a-Form celebrates 30 years in South Africa

Fix-a-Form celebrates 30 years in South Africa

It is difficult to go into a grocery store today and not come across this product, companies across the board have come to rely on the “Fix-a-Form” solution, be it for multilingual user instructions, detailed product information or competitions and promotions, the zippy little label that opens into a multi-page leaflet is everywhere.

What did surprise us at CBN was that Fix-a-Form has been a part of the South African packaging landscape for 30 years. 

After 3 decades it is clear that this is no marketing gimmick, but a simple, effective way to ensure that your product information stays with the product for the life of the package. It is attractive, simple to use and with legislative specs tightening on the labelling of foods, medications and chemicals, it gives the manufacturer the space to ensure that all the required information is passed across to the customer, every time.

Fix-a-Form combines a standard label with a folded leaflet, which packs on up to 32 pages of extra space in the same size as a standard label. This gives you more than enough space to add any kind of extra information or promotional material. 

This handy leaflet-label is a real problem solver and that is just how it started out. In the mid 1970’s a local agrochemical company who needed to include a large amount of essential information with their product approached a UK printing company. They were trying to avoid adding a separate leaflet to the product and packaging, which could easily be misplaced. After a bit of brainstorming, Denny Bros came back with the inspired idea to combine a leaflet with an adhesive label.

Since then Fix-a-Form has become internationally distributed and recognized as a leading solution in the label market.

Fix-a-Form labels are supplied on reels and this is an advantage to production lines as they can easily be applied using standard label application equipment. This makes the solution cost effective as it can easily be integrated into existing production lines. You don’t need to add complex machinery or even move your production line around. The product itself is manufactured locally, in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

Fix-a-Form can be applied anywhere on product packaging, this means they can be used with any size or shape of container. 

They can also be used with many different materials like glass, plastic, card or foil. This wide range means that no matter what your product is, you can make Fix-a-Form work for you.

And behind every effective product, stands a successful company, and Pyrotec are the South African company that stands behind the Fix-a-Form solution. With its head office and factory in Muizenberg, and branched in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth, Pyrotec is a three-generational family business. The company comprises three brands:


  • Leaflet-labels and other multi-page labels and tags, including the Fix-a-Form solution 


  • Product packaging coding machines for best before /  expiry dates / batch codes and label applicating machines 


  • Office stationery labels, hardware products and kids’ activities

Pyrotec PackMedia has ready, in-house access to deep expertise in label application and coding know-how (in both PackMedia and PackMark personnel) and technology (PackMark represents several internationally-reputed manufacturers of labelling and coding machines and installs these machines locally.) This, together with the company’s unique innovation process developed in-house, enables Pyrotec PackMedia to offer customers, requiring to significantly upgrade their production line speeds, a faster product development service with more reliable performance. “Our aim is to help our customers become more competitive in their marketplaces, thus grow their businesses and their bottom lines,” says Timothy Beattie – General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia.

When asked about the Pyrotec PackMedia’s labelling solutions Beattie lists the following innovative options:

  • Fix-a-Form leaflet-labels and booklet
  • Butterfly multi-page labels (another premium product, manufactured in-house, and aimed at the personal health care sector for high-end goods)
  • ElastiTag (a rubberised neck-tag imported by Pyrotec from Bedford Industries in the USA, much sought-after among local brands for promoting an exclusive image along with handy consumer information)
  • Do-it hang-tabs (a range of merchandising tabs aimed at increasing product visibility in-store and growing customers’ sales, imported from Do-it Corporation in the USA)

CBN congratulates Pyrotec on revolutionising the labelling industry 30 years ago with Fix-a-Form and commends the company for its innovative service to the South African market. The success of the company is easily summarized, as Beattie concludes, “We have the best team. Every day is different and brings with it its unique challenges and opportunities."

By Jenni McCann

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