Knight Source, the first decade

Knight Source, the first decade

Knight Source originally started out as a broker firm in 2004. Grant Groenewald and Alwyn Groenewald, owners of Knight Source, soon realised that relying on somebody else to keep their own company’s standards up, wasn’t working for them. “We found that inconsistencies in service delivery, quality of product and price points were negatively impacting our ability to establish a reputable company. Ultimately, we were just a number in a production queue,” Grant said.

They soon came to the decision that if they wanted to differentiate themselves and steer clear of being the middle man for finished goods and hardware, they had to become manufacturers themselves.

In 2007, Knight Source bought its first label manufacturing machine, a flexo die-cutter, which took them from brokers to manufacturers. Specialising in die-cut self-adhesive labels.


“The manufacturing of our self-adhesive labels and tags is done in-house in our production facility. Labels are available in numerous substrates, for example, semigloss, thermal, dairy film, vellum, etc. We specialise in die cutting – rotary die cutting is die cutting using a cylindrical die on a rotary press. Roll format raw material is fed through the press into an area known as a “station” which holds a rotary tool that will cut out label shapes – and up to six colour flexo printing, which is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate. Colour printing with optional UV Varnish or Laminated coating of the label is done in one automated process.  We also supply Thermal transfer ribbons in wax, wax-resin and resin – colour ribbons are available on request,” Grant and Alwyn explain.

“Our Label Printing Solutions consist of a complete range of label printers & software for entry level and industrial applications. Barcode scanners, verifiers and rewinders. The PVC card division supplies PVC Card printers including the consumables (ribbons, PVC cards/magnetic cards and cleaning kits) for printing of ID, customer loyalty, security and student cards.”

Knight Source deals with a diverse client base and lives by their motto, “The customer ultimately pays our salaries,” said Alwyn, “We realise that looking after the customer is vital, if we don’t look after them, somebody else will. The client is our number 1 priority, so when a customer calls on us, we respond immediately.”

Grant continued, “If a customer phones in and needs something done, by hook or by crook, we will make a plan. We started this company to make sure we were not governed by red tape or unnecessary processes. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are an owner-run business. We are involved with it daily and rather than delegate and potentially compromise service delivery standards, we do what is needed to keep the client happy.”

One of Knight Source’s philosophies is about employing the right people. “The dedication and commitment shown by of our staff is directly responsible for the success of Knight Source. We encourage our staff to take ownership of their responsibilities within the company. As such, our staff are empowered to make decisions in line with the Knight Source ethos: give the client what he wants, when he wants it, at the price he needs it.”

The next step for Knight Source is to procure a Digital Label Printing Press within the next two years.


By Kristy Jooste

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