Engen leads market with innovative new lubricant packaging

Engen leads market with innovative new lubricant packaging

Engen, supplier of lubricating oils to the agricultural sector, is proud to introduce an innovative new 20 litre packaging format for its lubricant range that will increase efficiencies for customers.

First unveiled at the 2014 NAMPO Harvest Day agricultural show, the new square plastic pail with inter-locking design is currently being seeded into the market.


“The new pack will replace all existing 20 litre packaging formats, including the generic steel drum, plastic jerry can and round plastic bucket presently in use,” says Paul Leask, Agricultural Lubricants Sales Manager at Engen.

Leask says the new design has multiple benefits over the old, and Engen’s distribution network and extensive agricultural customer base will both benefit.

“The use of plastic is highly cost-effective, while the inter-locking design makes for better stackability and more efficient space utilisation during storage, as well as greater stability during transport,” he says.  

The packs are also less prone to scuffing and product damage, he says. In addition, the new container features a hand grip and convenient spout for easy, spill-proof pouring, and a tamper-proof lid design with built-in ‘breather technology’ to mitigate bulging and the possible ingress of contamination.

Agricultural bonds

The agricultural sector has been a keen focus for Engen’s lubricants business over the  years,

This focus is borne out by Engen’s long-standing association with leading players and its role in co-managing events like the NAMPO Harvest Day show (in partnership with Grain SA since 1978).

“Our association with agriculture dates back many years, based on leading technologies, industry knowledge and customer service.”

Big deal

“This is a big project for us as the first to market, and we are proud to bring this update to our 20-litre packaging offering to completion,” continues Leask.

“The process of phasing out the old packaging and bringing in the new design into Engen’s distribution network has been closely managed by our supply chain and marketing department, to ensure a smooth transition,” he says.


The new packaging is available exclusively through Engen in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

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