In just 8 months, SA's 'Uber for bakkies' has signed up dozens of trucks in Gauteng


Droppa - [Google Images] Droppa - [Google Images]
  • Droppa is a new app that allows South Africans to order trucks and bakkies for deliveries.
  • Khathutshelo Mufamadi worked as a computer programmer at a bank for seven years before leaving to start the business. 
  • He has 60 trucks and bakkies signed up.

While working as a computer programmer at a bank, Khatutshelo Mufamadi, used his own bakkie for deliveries in his spare time.

This gave him the idea to start an e-hailing service for bakkies and trucks, which is how the app Droppa ("Uber for bakkies," according to Mufamadi) came about.

In its past eight months of operation, some 60 bakkie and truck owners have signed up, and Droppa now has 400 users in Gauteng. 

"The response has been wonderful, it's been quite fast and continues to grow," he says. After seven years at the bank, he left his job to focus on Droppa full time.

He contributed R200,000 of his own capital to the business, and raised further R1.4 million in seed capital.

He is hoping to raise a further R5 million by the end of June next year to fund the company's planned expansion to Cape Town and Kwazulu-Natal.

Mufamadi recently pitched the business at the Viva Technology Conference in Paris, France.





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