APC Consult – optimising warehouse spaces across industries

APC Consult – optimising warehouse spaces across industries

APC Consult, the consulting division of APC Group of Companies South Africa, specialises in the strategic planning, supply chain and warehouse design for clients spanning across a range of industries.

Focusing on providing turnkey warehouse solutions, APC Consult has optimised storage spaces for various clients, including recent projects completed for global logistics company DHL and CABGOC Oil in Angola, which are reportedly two of the largest warehouses in the world.

APC Consult’s says its approach to warehouse optimisation is all encompassing. “We assess a client’s business over the last 12 – 18 months and re-design the new facility based on current data and the client’s requirements, this may include designing of new facilities or refurbishment of current facilities utilising products such as dock levellers, doors, weighbridges, scales, storage equipment, material handling equipment, software and other operational items,” explains George Moolman, Senior Consulting Engineer at APC Consult.

APC Consult offers clients consulting in two ways: as part of a turnkey package or as a once-off consultation. In the latter, APC Consult assess the clients business, creating a warehouse solution accordingly, but will then go out into the market and get pricing on the required items from various 
external suppliers.

The turnkey approach, on the other hand, includes the consultation, assessment and development of the plan. “We focus on getting the final layout on the conceptual and detail design phase 100% correct and then we supply the racking and materials handling equipment from APC Storage Solutions SA. In this approach it will be a case of handing over the keys of the new facility with all the equipment to the customer,” adds Moolman. APC Consult operates on a “free to fee basis,” in which clients will receive the consult at a discounted rate if the client agrees to purchase APC Storage Solution SA’s equipment for their new warehouse.

“The success of APC Consult lies in working hand-in-hand with APC Storage Solution SA and optimising the client’s warehouse using APC’s storage solutions and systems.” APC Consult’s clients include high profile companies such as CABGOC Oil in Angola.  The turnkey solution offered to CABGOC is the largest completely packaged-solution from APC Consult in which it was both the consultant and the contractor. “The project required APC Consult to create a complete Site Development Plan for CABGOC that included assessing their existing warehouse space and storage capabilities, and then creating a warehouse solution that would optimise the space using APC Consult site and building optimisation techniques in combination with 43 different storage solutions,” adds Moolman

The company says that owing to APC Storage Solutions SA’s ability to create unique warehousing solutions for any storage space, APC Consult has been involved in projects for a wide variety of industries such as: mining (CABGOC, Angola,) pharmaceutical (Johnson & Johnson and Reckitt Benckizer,) media and logistics (On the Dot and three DHL Property Strategy facilities) as well as food and beverage (Nestle, Ghana and Namibian breweries) and many other successful customers.

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