Storax mobiles installed at Betko, Western Cape

A Storax base with its unique blue side members which strengthen the base and protect the pallets. A Storax base with its unique blue side members which strengthen the base and protect the pallets.

COMPLETED in May 2014, the Storax mobiles installation is designed to store 2,579 pallets of fast moving fruit pallets all of which needed to be immediately accessible.

The wooden pallets are of a disposable type and can vary slightly in size. The maximum pallet height including wooden base is 2.45m with a maximum gross weight of 1,200kgs. There are two cold rooms each with four mobiles split into ten bays of three pallets on each side of every base, giving 1.75 pallets per square meter of floor space.  The height from the floor to the top of the highest load beam to carry the fourth level of pallets is 8.5m and a clear store height is twelve metres.

The mobile bases have been treated with a special undercoat to inhibit rust, which can occur at chill temperatures.  All pallet locations except those on the floor have an additional pallet support beam. These support beams have been painted yellow so as to assist the reach truck drivers to put the pallets away in the correct position. They also strengthen the racking and support the long 1.2m side of the disposable pallets. Each base has a specially designed wooden bumper secured to the wheel unit next to the gangway. This protects the base and control panels from accidental bumps. The mobile bases can be activated from a heated reach truck cab using a hand held remote and a new aisle is created in just over a minute.

For energy efficiency, the lights only come on in the open 34m aisle in each room and remain off in the remaining four aisles. The lights are switched on and off by the moving mobiles. 

The racking was supplied by Acrow Racking and Shelving and the project was managed by Daniel Visser of GEA Project Solutions.

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