High speed doors can increase productivity

COMPANIES are hard pressed to increase productivity, and an option not often considered is upgrading the hardware that facilitates access into and out of factories and warehouses. Wim Dessing, managing director of Apex Strip Curtains and Doors maintains that high speed doors are no longer considered an optional extra, but have become a necessity in applications where doors need to be opened for limited periods to facilitate loading and offloading of vehicles. 


Strip curtains help minimise dust in production and packaging facilities

The quality, maximised shelf life and saleability of consumables are dependent on a number of factors, including their freshness. Linked to this is the absence of pollutants and unsafe micro-organisms. Creating favourable environmental conditions with temporary climate control solutions helps keep products healthy and wholesome for as long as possible, and promotes worker productivity.


Apex SCP traffic doors

Restaurants, banquet halls, dining facilities and other food service businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on food quality. With the spiralling cost of food, continuous fuel price increases and an­nual staff salary bill growth they are forced to find creative ways to contain expenses.

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