AfriSam unlocks customer value through high-quality multi-product solutions

AfriSam unlocks customer value through high-quality multi-product solutions

AFRISAM, the leading southern African black-controlled construction materials group, has reorganised its sales team to better service its customers as the leading producer of multi-product construction material solutions.

This initiative seeks to unlock value for customers across the board in new and innovative ways, with the objective of improving customer service.

"We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused organisation and this initiative supports our commitment to provide exceptional value and superior delivery of products and services to our customers," says Ashley Adams, Regional Manager for AfriSam in the Western Cape province.
"Our strong and unique competitive advantage is our ability to provide our customers with multi-product construction material solutions and this is the basis upon which our new structure is formed, in order to improve our internal efficiencies for the benefit of our customers," he says.
A major change which has been implemented in this regard is the alignment of AfriSam's sales organisation with the customer-specific segments within the market. To this end, the company has restructured its sales organisation into three main areas:

  • Retail Sales, which focuses on retail outlets including chain stores, all independent outlets and traders who on-sell cement
  • Building, Civil and Manufacturing Sales, which services all building and construction companies as well as customers on the civil and manufacturing industry, such as Concrete Product Manufacturers (CPMs,) readymix customers and blenders
  • Multi-Product Solution Sales, servicing the six biggest construction companies in South Africa, including their respective manufacturing businesses such as CPMs and Asphalt.

In addition to these three focus areas, AfriSam has established a Centre of Product Excellence, which provides a comprehensive product and technical service to customers through technical experts in the application of cement, mineral components, aggregate and concrete.

"A distinct improvement with regards to front-end sales is that our sales staff can now sell all three product lines in the areas where all three products are available. Where we previously had product-specific sales we now provide customers all our products through one central channel," says Adams.

AfriSam has an extensive network of operations spread throughout South Africa, with eight Western Cape operations, making the company locally-focused and easily accessible to its local customers.
While customers are critical to AfriSam and the company is constantly reviewing the effectiveness of its relationships with this key stakeholder group, AfriSam views its responsibility towards the well-being of its operating environment in a serious light.

"We are constantly monitoring and reviewing our production processes to ensure that we have as little impact on the environment as possible. We are a leader in the production of 'green concrete', which is gentler on the planet, while maintaining the same high quality performance as conventional concrete," says Adams.

In the same spirit, AfriSam is committed to improving the livelihoods of communities that reside in areas within which it conducts its business operations.
The company invests a percentage of its profits to community involvement projects annually and spends a large portion of these funds on education and conservation projects.

"One such beneficiary is Jenny's Day Care in Chatsworth, Swartland municipality, where we recently provided learning facilities for thirty-eight children, in partnership with the Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) in Cape Town. This project entailed the construction of the Daycare centre building, the facilitation of skills development training for the teachers and the governing body as well as the provision of furniture," Adams concludes.

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