Compact multi-purpose Wacker Neuson wheel loaders

WACKER Neuson compact wheel loader. WACKER Neuson compact wheel loader.

Wacker Neuson compact wheel loaders have enjoyed tremendous success in a wide range of local industries, with a proven track record in construction, mining, agriculture and landscaping, says Managing Director, Eugene Brown.

He attributes this to the fact that “these machines deliver everything that a customer expects from high balanced handling to achieve profitability.”

“Extreme versatility, superior operational efficiency and a high degree of reliability are the mainstay features of our multi-featured wheel loaders,” continues Brown. “But the real value of these features is measured by the benefits they transfer to the customer. This is why we have invested ingenious technology, design and engineering in our wheel loaders, to ensure that the machines deliver high performance, efficient and reliable operation, extreme versatility, easy maintenance, and operator comfort and safety. Low operational costs, maximised up time, improved productivity and low cost of ownership are the ultimate customer benefits.”

“Not only do customers want to get the job done, they want it done efficiently and safely. The optimised power-to-weight ratio, low transport weight and constantly high payload delivered by our wheel loaders add up to an impressive efficiency calculation, meeting customer requirements on every turn,” remarks Brown.

The wheel loader’s one-piece chassis design provides outstanding stability as the centre of gravity is not altered by the steering movements, and the all-wheel steering ensures excellent manoeuverability.

The machine is thus capable of easily handling high payloads over rough, uneven terrain and around tight bends without material spillage. 

The wide variety of attachments including pallet forks, specialised buckets, sweepers, mowers, ploughs, etc. makes the wheel loader ideal as a multi-purpose tool. Attachments can be changed in a matter of seconds with the hydraulic quick-hitch system, as Brown explains, “No time is wasted as the operator simply drives up to the attachment, picks it up hydraulically and locks the lever in place, without having to leave the cab.” 

Turning to lower operating costs, Brown says that the important roles of engine efficiency and consumption as well as service and maintenance have all been taken into account in the development of the wheel loaders. “The requirement-based engine design and practical, efficient and powerful axial piston high-pressure drive deliver high performance without compromising on efficient consumption, giving our customers the best of both worlds.”

Another advantage of the compact design and dimensions of the wheel loaders is fast and easy inspection, maintenance and service. All components requiring regular checks (air filter, hydraulic fluid level, etc.) are installed under the engine bonnet which features a wide opening angle for easy access.

Operator comfort and safety have been integrated into the ergonomic design and functionality of the cab. A wide entrance offers easy access to a spacious cab interior with generous height and width. The 360 degree panoramic view from the cab, the intuitive two-pedal system, the multi-functional joystick with an integrated arm rest, not to mention the ergonomically configured controls, make operation easy and safe; even  occasional drivers will have no problem keeping the user-friendly machine under control at all times. 

A powerful heating and ventilation system, air conditioning, and low noise levels inside the cab keep the operator comfortable and reduce fatigue, creating a safe working environment that is conducive to productive operation. 

“In a trying economic climate where escalating costs and a depreciating Rand place companies under enormous pressure to cut costs, purchasing capital equipment can be a difficult decision. However, the numerous cost saving benefits of our versatile wheel loaders offer a compact solution that delivers increased productivity, low cost of ownership and ultimately customer peace of mind. The decision now becomes easy!” concludes Brown.

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