Efficient concrete solutions – inside and on top - from Wacker Neuson

Efficient concrete solutions – inside and on top - from Wacker Neuson

WACKER Neuson understands that equipment used in fresh concrete handling must constantly meet the stringent conditions of this unforgiving, time-critical environment and that there can be no compromises. 

This global leader in the manufacture of compact construction machines, construction and site equipment continues to set the benchmark in concrete compaction technology with a range of products second to none. The company‘s vast experience and knowhow which stretches over 100 years, are incorporated into product engineering and design. The result is leading edge, turnkey concrete equipment and service solutions.

The company is well represented in the local concrete market sector as well as on the rest of the African continent with an impressive concrete product line-up that includes internal and external vibrators; portable and stationary frequency converters, low-noise vibratory tables; walk-behind, hand-held and ride-on power trowels; vibratory screeds and rebar tools. 

“From products used several metres down into fresh concrete to products used on fresh concrete surfaces requiring milimetre precision, we have the right equipment to get the job done,” states Eugene Brown, Regional President for Wacker Neuson Africa.

“But completing a job fast is one thing; completing it effectively, correctly and efficiently is entirely another. Our concrete product range combines the fundamentals of speed, reliability and perfomance during the different phases of concrete handling, from processing and strike-off, floating or surface finishing to millimeter precision during concrete and pre-cast element production.

 “Just in the product field of vibrators we have an astounding range covering numerous combination possibilities, from normal and high-frequency versions for external vibrators to high frequency, modular and pneumatic internal vibrators with separated or integrated converters, as well as a range of vibrator heads and effective compaction diameters.”

Superior quality, efficiency, versatility, light-weight, long service, low operational costs, low maintenance and comprehensive safety standards are only some of the features incorporated across the robust concrete product offering. Wide ranging applications include concrete curing of wals, ceilings and floors as well as concrete work on bridges, tunnels, highways, etc.

Wacker Neuson’s comprehensive concrete equipment range gets the job done – fast, effectively and efficiently, delivering consistently high concrete strength and superior finishes. Customers reap the benefits of rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the equipment, for complete customer peace of mind.

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