Reduce, reuse and recycle with Hulamin

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In May this year the Department of Environmental Affairs announced on an ambitious strategy to embark on a “source to sea” initiative to combat plastic pollution.  Since then there has been an increased focus worldwide regarding packaging with South Africa being among the countries to join the Clean Seas campaign initiated by the United Nations Environmental Program.


Opportunity and threat in Africa’s growing waste sector

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South Africa faces both an opportunity and threat from the looming deluge of waste that will be generated on the continent. If recent projections prove to be correct, Africa’s municipal solid waste by 2025 will be nearly double the 2012 levels. This is according to a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report, which states that 244 million tonnes of municipal solid waste will be produced across Africa within the very near future. This is due to rapid population and consumer-led growth, which leads to greater urbanisation.


DEA & SARACCA driving Practitioner Registrations

The Department of Environmental Affairs in collaboration with SAQCC Gas will host a series of national road shows in June, August and October. The two main objectives behind these roadshows are; to highlight the need for gas practitioners to be registered with SAQCC Gas and to inform the industry of the phase out of HCFC’s.

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