Unexpected delays derail planned opening

Unexpected delays derail planned opening

THE opening of the Sandown Road link has been delayed due to very high August rainfall and strike action by the unions.

Tony Clarke from ASKA Properties says “These delays are unfortunate. Our first priority is to get the road open.”

“Contractors do make allowances for winter rain, but August was an inordinately wet month. This causes delays on two fronts, obviously the lost time while it is raining, but the road cannot be tarred while the sub-base is wet. It takes at least three to four days for the sub-base to dry sufficiently to start tarring the surface, but the weather recently has meant days of rainfall followed by a day or two of dry weather and then rain again.”

The second disruption has come from the trade union strikes. “With union sanctioned strikes, we simply do not have contractors onsite. We are hoping for a speedy labour agreement, but experience has taught us that it can take anything from a couple of days of negotiation, to weeks of labour issues.” 

Clarke is upbeat though. “At the moment we are hoping that the opening of the road will only be delayed by two to three weeks. We are in talks with all the stakeholders at the moment to be sure that all our efforts are co-ordinated.”


By Jenni McCann

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