R200m in infrastructure unlocks new growth corridor

Sandown Road Link Sandown Road Link

IN 2007, the WCG constructed the Potsdam.N7 interchange at a cost of R60m, and in 2011 the City completed the M12 linking infrastructure at a cost of R65m.

During 2012, the City approved the subdivision application for the land to the east of Parklands - determining the position of the Sandown Road reserve and unlocking the development opportunities here.

With this approval and the position of the road now determined, Garden Cities, Milnerton Estates and the Aska Property Group commissioned the construction of the Sandown Road Link, including the road-over-rail bridge. The tender awarded for this link injected a further R64m into the infrastructure here. And during March this year, Milnerton Estates and Aska awarded a further tender for the extension of Parklands Main Road to the north so as to connect with Sandown Road.

In all, some R200m has been injected into the infrastructure to improve the road network. This provides new routes to and through the suburbs, links the West Coast to the Northern Suburbs and provides better access to Cape Town’s international airport.

“Rivergate” – the new development unlocked here, will be launched simultaneously with the opening of the Sandown Road Link by the Premier of the Western Cape in the last quarter of 2013. Rivergate offers mixed-use commercial, industrial, institutional and residential opportunities 

The Rivergate Commercial Precinct straddles Sandown Road and permits the development of multi-storey buildings to accommodate both office and retail use, including shops, supermarkets, financial institutions, showrooms, cafés and restaurants. Properties here offer excellent views of Table Mountain to the south and the Durbanville hills to the east.

Rivergate Business Park will offer a range of opportunities for medium to larger development, with erven ranging from 5,000m² to sub-divisional superblocks of 80,000m². The superblocks are available from R820.m² VAT inclusive. Whilst a mixed use of activities is permitted, it is expected that the business park will primarily be developed as light industrial, warehousing, manufacture and commercial uses.

“Whilst the Design Guidelines for the development do not prescribe a specific architectural style, they encourage the consistent use of materials and finishes that will ultimately give rise to a coherent theme and character to the business park. 

Guidelines and a review committee will guide development here. A managing agent has been appointed to maintain the standards determined for this development.

Within the Rivergate development provision has been made for the establishment of the train station and bus stations. Public transport passengers can easily connect to the future MyCiti bus stations to be built at each foot of the road-over-rail bridge. In addition to the station and transport node, the land in this precinct has been suitably zoned to accommodate regional facilities such as a Police Station, Magistrate’s Court, Municipal Offices, a clinic, a library and commercial 

Single residential and walk-up apartments by turnkey developers will be available for the more affordable income market south of Sandown Road. Provision has also been made for a school, near to the public transport interchange.

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