Reclaim your time at The Office.

Welcome to The Office – a transient space for individuals to share their ideas and network in the utmost comfort. Welcome to The Office – a transient space for individuals to share their ideas and network in the utmost comfort.

Imagine a contemporary private member’s club, which allows you to work, play and enter into an exclusive forum for progressive thinkers.

Welcome to The Office – a transient space for individuals to share their ideas and network in the utmost comfort. Head back to the nostalgia of time well spent, impeccable service and face-to-face conversation, and never lose another wasted moment.

The Office has been designed as a premium business club, meeting space and lounge area, to ensure that the never-ending pursuit for time is over. Cafes, coffee shops and hotel lobbies are not ideal spaces for modern entrepreneurs to work from, and are often hampered by the hassle of noisy thinkers, poor Wi-Fi and a lack of tailored business services.

The Office provides members with a luxurious, professional space to work from, complimentary high speed internet access, spacious meeting rooms, landing desks, refreshments and dining facilities. The space is an innovative environment where business is accomplished, and professional relationships can grow alongside each other. The Office was designed to cater to the needs of today’s business people and entrepreneurs, allowing like-minded individuals to meet, network and connect.

Located in the heart of Cape Town, The Office is situated near a plethora of businesses and travel attractions. With this prime central location, members are ensured that they are able to conduct all their meetings in a single space, and with ample facilities.

Director of The Office, David Graham, has always wanted to create a single space that has been tailored to the entrepreneurial spirit. “The Office was conceived to extrapolate as much time as possible - a multifunctional space to work from; a place to meet and socialize; PA and Concierge services - they all have the potential to save time”.

Members are encouraged to relish in the exclusivity of time-afforded pleasures, which is a complete rarity for most modern day professionals.  The consensus at The Office is that a great idea only has the potential for greatness, if it is nurtured in the right environment. Enter a variety of corporate and concierge services, that allow members to customise their work day. A shower and cloakroom ensure that members never miss a minute of their most valuable commodity – time.

In addition to typical office amenities, members can look forward to weekly networking events and social evenings. At The Office, CEO’S and creatives comfortably collide to develop their ideas into tangible concepts.

The Office is the perfect spot to reclaim your time, in a luxurious mix of work, play and serendipitous success. With various pricing options available, you are able to customize your business experience, so that you never lose another second.

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. ~ Charles Buxton

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