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Epping Industrial Supplies’ biological solutions

Epping Industrial Supplies’ biological solutions

“EPPING Industrial Supplies has been awarded the Chrisal Distributorship, which is a major breakthrough for EIS, enabling the company to supply customers with a safe, green biological solution to their hygiene requirements,” says company spokesperson.

The company is proud to be associated with Chrisal PIP Products, saying that they  “are a major break-through in cleanliness and healthcare. For thousands of years we have been trying to improve ways to clean where we live and work – as the best way to protect against filth, odors, illness, infections, moulds and many other problems. But, even with all of today’s technology, we still find ourselves endlessly battling between trying to protect ourselves and using dangerous chemicals and products that harm us, our children, animals and the environment.”

On how the products work, the company says, “Instead of Chemicals, Chrisal PIP (Probiotics In Progress) uses safe and beneficial probiotics, like millions of tiny workers, that physically actually work down to the microscopic level, removing dirt and other contaminants." 

"Chrisal’s probiotics are as safe for your skin and for surfaces as yogurt is for the inside of your body. Chrisal’s allergy and cleaning products are incredibly efficient and work by physically removing the source of problems, instead covering them up.”

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