R&D Contracting makes asbestos removal easy

Asbestos' widespread use in the past was mainly due to its heat and fire resistance, as well as its insulation properties Asbestos' widespread use in the past was mainly due to its heat and fire resistance, as well as its insulation properties

THERE is no doubt that asbestos is an extremely hazardous material, despite the fact that it was extensively used historically in the construction industry.

Its widespread use in the past was mainly due to its heat and fire resistance, as well as its insulation properties.  However, the fact that its use has been so widespread in the past, coupled with the dangers it poses at present, means that it is vitally important to ensure that the contractor you choose to assist with its removal is not only registered, but also has the experience and the right equipment to ensure effective removal and safe disposal at a registered land fill site.

R&D Contracting is an approved and registered asbestos contractor, subscribing to the current regulations of the Department of Labour (DoL.) Moreover, the company has completed a range of asbestos-related projects and R&D counts amongst its guiding principles a strong focus on health and safety, quality controls and high-level supervision through the entire process of the job. This enables it to meet the high expectations of service delivery in the market, while remaining true to its business philosophy that focuses on quality, reliability and service.

R&D says it understands the potential risks involved in the removal of all types of asbestos and as such, utilises only the highest quality equipment. The company establishes an Asbestos Decontamination unit on site, which facilitates staff showering on completion of the day’s operations, while Bidum cloth and sand traps captures any lose fibres. These are then disposed of, along with the discarded asbestos suits and dust masks, in line with current legislation.

The entire process of asbestos removal forms part of R&D’s scope, from the provision of asbestos site inspections to the supply of a work plan agreed upon by an Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority (AAIA.) It has a solid understanding of the legal requirements surrounding the removal of asbestos material, and as such will assist clients to ensure they are fully compliant with all requirements pertaining to safety, health and environment (SHE) regulations, DoL stipulations and all hazardous material handling legislation.

R&D will also liaise with government, disposal specialists and the necessary AAIAs, in order to provide the client with a complete removal and replacement solution. This will absolve them of any legal entanglements created from gazetted legislation.  There is no doubt that the removal of asbestos can be hazardous and requires a specialist with a thorough grasp of the techniques and methods necessary to avoid releasing asbestos fibres into the environment.

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