Spraying Systems at ProPak 2014

Monitor Engineering Tankjet solution. Monitor Engineering Tankjet solution.

Monitor Engineering, sole agents in southern Africa for Spraying Systems Co. will be exhibiting at the ProPak Cape 2014.

The company will be showcasing its range of standard spray nozzles, automated spray systems, tank  cleaning products as well as blowers and its range of Windjet air knives. There are dozens of operations in every food processing plant that use spray technology.

Spraying Systems Co. has experience and expertise in all of them. The company can help you  ptimize performance and minimize waste, whether you are applying viscous coatings, spray drying coffee, lubricating or washing conveyors, cleaning cans or sanitizing equipment and more. Spraying Systems Co.’s product line ensures it has the spray nozzles, headers and/or automated systems to match the requirements of most food processing applications.

Key Applications:

• Coating: spraying egg, butter, oil, chocolate, marshmallow, sugar, flavors, colorants, preservatives, adhesives with Precision Spray Control (PSC)
• Cleaning: conveyors, produce, cans, bottles, general plant clean-up
• Cooling: can welds, carcasses, postpasteurization, frosting
• Drying/blow-off: cans, bottles, packages, product blow-off from conveyor, product transport  between conveyors.
• Food safety: antimicrobials and mold inhibitor applications
• Lubricating: pans, mold release, conveyors
• Spraying drying: coffee, tea, milk, whey, yeast, cocoa, baking powder, spices, baby formula
• Tank cleaning: cleaning, sanitizing, rinsing tanks up to 100’ (30 m) in diameter

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