New mobile tank cleaner from Spraying Systems Co

Simplify and accelerate barrel cleaning without compromising cleaning quality with the TankJet M60. It's mobile, provides powerful, fast cleaning at low flow rates to prevent toast removal and more. The system is easy to operate and rebuild.

It offers powerful cleaning using low flow rates and removes tough residues quickly and effectively, with its solid stream sprays that rotate in multiple axes for complete and thorough coverage. It is extremely compact, fitting into openings as small as 44.5mm and can be easily inserted into standard bung hole openings.

Its mobility allows the user to easily move the system from one barrel or drum to the next. It has a fast cycle time (less than five minutes) with one full cycle completed every 16 revolutions. The TankJet M60 is compatible with a variety of pumps including pressure washers. It iss non-lubricated air motor driven for continuous and reliable operation.

Spraying Systems Co. has ensured that the TankJet M60 is constructed to last, and has used 316 stainless steel, carbon graphite PTFE filled PEEK, EPDM, and PTFE to withstand the rigours of fluid contact.

Spraying Systems Co. is a global leader in spray technology. It has a broad product range, ten manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 85 countries. Spray nozzles, turnkey spray systems, custom fabrication and research/testing services comprise the 79-year-old company’s offering.


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