Cloud computing for business

Cloud computing for business

The term “cloud computing” is being thrown around a lot in the marketplace these days without a clear definition of what “cloud” really means.

This allows for some unscrupulous players to sell online solutions as being in the cloud, when it is far from the case.

At its roots a cloud solution has three basic criteria’s:

1) Scalable on demand;

2) Immediately flexible and

3) Only pay for what you use.

Scalable means that you that should be able to add resources quickly and in large numbers with minimal or no downtime. Immediately flexible means that you should be able change these resources as and when it is required and only-pay-for-what-you-use is fairly self-explanatory. Increasing a resource will increase your bill and conversely decreasing a resource should decrease your bill. This allows the business customer to tap into large IT systems without incurring a huge capital outlay. 

“Having the correct cloud service or services can give the organisation big benefits in cost reduction, productivity and risk management,” says Heinrich Kleinschmidt, MD of Cape Town-based Southern Star Computers. “Choosing a cloud service depends on the business requirements and a cloud services partner that can guide you to the correct solutions as well as through the transitioning period,” concludes Kleinschmidt. 

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