Is your website working for you?

Is your website working for you?

BY addressing the five following questions about your company’s website, Phil Squires of say you can expect to generate leads and increase your business by 100% or more in the

next twelve months using the Internet. Many companies regard their websites merely as online business cards, rarely (if ever) updating them, thereby frustrating possible clients who may even assume that the company in question is no longer operational, and consequently handing these clients to their competitors. 

Done strategically however, your website can be your company’s greatest asset. Available 24.7, with a consistent sales pitch and smartly turned out, your website can (and should) be drawing in customers, showcasing your products and services and offering these new, and established, clients an easy point of contact with you and your sales team.

If the statistics are to believed. And people really are using the Internet to help grow their business, then why aren’t prospective clients calling you? Could it be that your website is getting in your way?

Phil says, “From the very beginning back in 2008 I’ve had clients come to me asking how they can improve their online presence, to attract more clients, increase their reach and their revenue. With problems ranging from the wrong type of visitor – or traffic – hitting their website (think non-buyers) to ‘We’re getting visitors but we’re losing them before we even get to show them what we’ve got.’”

Phil says that one of his clients had a website for over a year. But when he did some key tracking analysis – a health check if you will – he found everyone of their visitors was from Russia. A total mismatch - it was painfully obvious that a Cape Town-based company, with a local service offering, was never going to sell anything to that part of the world, never mind get them to leave their email address. It was speaking to people who would never pick up the phone or and never get in touch.

“This is where you need to focus on problem solving. And here is where these five strategies could revolutionise your website.” So like a doctor that asks questions before getting to a diagnosis, he also does a rapid check of the vital systems. So think about your web site, your online presence and lets go through and check your the online marketing vital signs

First: Is your online marketing designed to get a direct-response?

The secret is to avoid “empty messaging” on your website. Make sure each piece of content has your client in mind, addresses a problem and shows them how to fix the problem or at least start the journey. It starts with a great headline, shows clear benefits and ends with a call-to-action. Just like a sales pitch. Even just asking for the sale will help. Bottom line your website needs to be your ‘virtual’ salesperson that tells people who you are, what you have, why it’s important to them and how they can get it right now.

Second:  Do you have a backend funnel for every sale?

One of the best-known examples is “Would you like fries with that?” That simple question can double the value of a sale. And is why successful, switched on businesses will have something more expensive and less so to sell. Look, you know one of your biggest online marketing expenses is reaching new customers. So if you’ve won your clients over and he’s giving you money -- in other words there is trust – you could, and should, offer this client something else … he’s already listening - isn’t he?

Third: Have you clearly defined your unique selling proposition?

Simply put, are you credibly demonstrating why your prospect should buy from you and not your competition? If you sell specialised construction equipment, you’re either cheaper, offer higher quality, have outstanding after-sales service or have a killer guarantee. Something that informs your prospect that you’re different in a measurable way - one that can be easily and quickly understood. Think Domino’s Pizza - 30 minutes or it’s free! Now that’s compelling. With tons of pizza companies to choose from that one stood out. Which explains their success. What’s yours USP (Unique Sales Proposition)?  

Fourth. Are you building and mining your own in-house list for all it’s worth?

Every wildly successful business knows the simplest rule is to collect names of clients and prospects interested in what you sell. And then mail them regularly to let them know you have something for them. And if it fits, ask them to spend more money with you. This simple strategy is the number one overlooked method to grow profits.

Fifth: Are you tracking your results online?

This was left till last, but seriously this is critical step is ignored all the time, and businesses are leaving money on the table. Just like the example used earlier, there is no point just whacking up a website just because everyone else is doing it. And then leave it lying unattended, having no real purpose. 

Doing nothing for you, even turning prospective clients away because it’s difficult to navigate. Perhaps it looks like it was created back in the 90’s, and doesn’t match your markets needs. Tracking provides valuable nuggets of marketing gold.  

So back to the big question …  “Is your website designed to attract new customers, convert potential clients or save time (and reduce expenditure)?  Because if you’re part of a successful company, one that has a great product or service, but no-one can find you, or worse, when they do find you they click away and head over to your competition.  Then you’re losing out!  A website is not a business card. It’s a critical tool to help build long-term relationships with your clients.

If you truly believe you offer a quality product or service. Believe you provide better service than your competitors, and that your product or service will really help someone in some way, then it makes sense to leverage your online presence by putting these strategies to work, systematically and ethically, ultimately giving your clients what they need.

“Don’t panic if you feel your website is not achieving all it should. There are ways to breathe new life into your online presence quickly, easily and without breaking the bank.” Phil offers a free, no-strings initial consultation to businesses that feel their websites are underperforming. 

“Many of these issues are easily fixed, and even when a business realises that its website is not all it could be, the busy business-person often lacks the time or the focus needed to make the necessary tweaks. We offer a professional service to professional businesses, and take pride in our successes,” concludes Phil. 

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