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Facilities management in a rapidly changing environment – People, Planet, Profit

Facilities management in a rapidly changing environment – People, Planet, Profit

Natural resources are at an all-time low. With load shedding an inescapable reality, the threat of water shedding looming and the rising cost of electricity just some of the concerns facing companies today, effective facilities management (FM) is crucial for creating more efficient, sustainable businesses.

Today, FM places a great emphasis on People, Planet and Profit. FM professionals can and do impact a corporate’s bottom line. They understand how to balance short-term maintenance costs against long-term replacement costs, resulting in substantial savings. But FM is not only about economics. Good FM can also assist in attracting and retaining staff as there is an undeniable link between maintaining a top quality working environment and the wellbeing of the workforce. Research has shown that a happier, healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. This fourth bottom line is becoming an increasing reality.

“Companies are only now starting to truly recognise and understand the enormous contribution that Facilities Management can make not just to their bottom line, but to vast improvements in operational efficiencies as well. We think the time is right to start elevating the profile of Facilities Management in South Africa and to recognise those companies and practitioners who are leading the way,” says Paul M’Crystal, Chairman of SAFMA.

The need for further professionalisation of FM in the current business climate is clear. SAFMA Professional Registration aims to encourage the growth and development of the FM industry by issuing professional designations that reflect members’ experience, knowledge and education. This also ensures a continuous level of knowledge gathering through the issuing and monitoring of professional development points. All Facilities Managers in South Africa can apply to become members of SAFMA and to receive a professional designation based on their qualifications, years of experience and competencies.

The theme of this year’s SAFMA Regional Conference in Cape Town is FM in a rapidly changing environment. Speakers will include industry leaders and Facilities Management specialists and discussions will cover topics like Churn Management: The importance of an integrated management system in FM, with the key note presentation by Brett Herron Councillor with the City of Cape Town. Delegates will learn how to make a positive contribution to the knowledge, practical application and communication of strategies to improve the workplace environment and sustainable performance of their facilities, as well as promote and enhance best practice in the industry.


For more information on Facilities Management and the SAFMA Regional Conference on 3 September 2015, or to book your conference seat, visit www.safma.co.za or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To learn more about Professional Registration or to download a Professional Registration form, visit www.safma.co.za/Membership/ProfessionalRegistration.

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