Quiz: Do you have what it takes to be a franchise owner?

Scooters Pizza has put together a quick quiz to determine if owning your own business is a career option for you. Scooters Pizza has put together a quick quiz to determine if owning your own business is a career option for you.

Many people think that opening a franchise is the quick, easy way to make a good buck as research proves that franchised businesses have an 80% chance of survival compared to 20 – 30% of self-governed businesses.

Even though most well established franchisors offer a tried and tested formula which contributes to the franchisee’s business growth, it still us up to the entrepreneur to put in the long hours and hard work to ensure positive and fruitful results.

To establish whether you have what it takes to succeed in the fast food franchising industry, Scooters Pizza has put together a quick quiz to determine if owning your own business is a career option for you.

Question 1: Why do you want to run your own business?

a. To make my own money.
b. To spend more time at home. 
c. To be the big boss.

Question 2: Are you fully committed to running your own business?

a. More committed than I have ever been. 
b. I will commit whenever I have spare time on my hands.  
c. I will do the easy and nice parts and let someone else do the rest.

Question 3: Do you enjoy working with other people?

a. I will work with others if they can add value to my business.
b. I’m neutral – It doesn’t bug me, I don’t mind.
c. I’m starting my OWN business, so they must be enjoy working with me.

Question 4: Why do you want to own a food franchise?

a. It’s tried, tested and if I put in the work I will reap the awards.
b. I have a passion for food and love everything about it. 
c. Everyone eats food so how can I not make money?

Question 5: How are you going to make your franchise the best of the best?

a. I will maintain the franchisor’s standards and listen to my communities needs.

b. Everyone knows the brand, it speaks for itself.
c. If it’s the best of the best, it will always be expected.

Question 6: How are you going to increase sales?

a. I am going to use all the necessary marketing tools.
b. I will have a few specials, but not too many as it may cut into my profits. 
c. I’m sure the brand will sell itself.

Question 7: How are you going to deal with competitors?

a. I will offer my customers value for money.
b. If my competitors offer a special, so will I. 
c. They don’t offer the same meals that I do so why worry.  

Question 8: What is your main goal for opening your franchise?

a. I want to be the best that the brand has to offer.  
b. Money, money, money.
c. I want recognition for owning my own business.

Question 9: How much do you know about franchising?

a. I have experience in the restaurant industry.
b. I read a few articles, and did some research so I have basic knowledge.
c. Not much, how hard can it be?

Question 10: Is opening a franchise your current goal?

a. Yes, yes, yes – let’s do this!
b. It’s an easy job, let’s see how this goes.
c. Why not?

If you answered mainly A’s

Congratulations! Franchising is the perfect field for you, with your dedication and willingness to learn and take advice, you should do great! There are many hard and long hours that go into opening your own franchise but if you are willing to put in the effort, you will reap the awards.

The Scooters Pizza team provides assistance every step of the way!

Each store is assigned a committed Franchise Consultant who will provide support and advice on all aspects of running your business as well as store operations. They will also assist you in compiling business plans for your store based on the best practice models and national averages in order to optimise the profitability of each outlet.  The operations team will also assist you with the implementation of local store marketing plans to maximise local area penetration within your particular area. And if that’s not enough, Scooters Pizza provides training on an ongoing basis.

If you answered mainly B’s

Take a moment before you make any big or drastic business decisions.  Make a list of all the possible pros and cons that you can think of and then weigh them up against your personality type and business expectations.

Franchising might be for you but just remember that if you want your franchise to grow to its full potential, you would need to follow our recipe for business success and put in the time and effort required to prosper.  At Scooters Pizza we will help make your decision a lot easier as we require each prospective franchisee to undergo an EE Test, which is an industry aptitude test. This test provides a good indication whether you are a suitable candidate to function within a franchised environment such as Scooters Pizza. So if you want to find out more about our business partnership, register on and we’ll be in touch.

If you answered mainly C’s

Franchising is not the walk in the park that you may think it is. There are rules and regulations that you would need to follow, and there are people who you would need to answer to - even though you will be your own boss. Being a franchisee will also require ongoing formal evaluations to ensure and guarantee that the franchisor’s standards of operations are in place and are fully adhered to. You may want to think twice about entering the fast food franchising industry if you’re not interested in being a hands-on operator who works long hours, is prepared to serve and protect the brand, and who will always put the customer first.

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