Cape fortunes fall

The Western Cape’s investment tycoons have seen billions of Rands in value wiped away by treacherous economic and political developments at home and abroad. Investors, of late, have endured tough times with the political will to grow a very sluggish local economy alarmingly absent.


The economic extremes expected post cabinet reshuffle

The market reaction to last week’s events has, in some ways, been remarkably muted. This could be because the axing of Messrs Gordhan and Jonas was not entirely unexpected.  For many the question had been not so much whether they would be dismissed, but rather when – unlike the situation in December 2015 when Mr Nene was redeployed without any prior warning.  Consider also the fact that market players in the USA, the UK, and elsewhere in Western Europe are probably more pre-occupied with their own domestic concerns (Brexit, Trump, immigration).


Does 'sin tax' have the desired impact on consumer behaviour?

Coughing Up to Cut Down?

In his recently delivered Budget Speech, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said that the anticipated 20% tax on sweetened sugar beverages (SSBs) will be implemented later this year once details are finalised and the legislation is passed. The taxation of SSBs has apparently been instigated to help curb obesity amongst South Africans and in turn reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. “But will this have the desired impact on consumer behaviour? Could the answer be found by looking at the impact of other ‘sin taxes?” asks Jacki McEwen, Co-owner & Managing Director at Eclipse Public Relations.


Gordhan’s steel cable

For months we have been entertained with poor economic data undermining fiscal prospects. For weeks we have been threatened with a sudden Gordhan dismissal undermining the national interest. In the end, no doubt, we were hanging by a rapidly thinning, raveling thread.

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