CEM Summit leads the way for the African customer experience industry

Since inception, the first of its kind Customer Experience Management Summit has more than doubled in size and is now the largest CEM conference in Africa. The event is taking place at the new Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town on the 17 and 18 August 2016.

With traditional methods of data collection on the way out, customer experience management is more important than ever before. Today, due to necessity and rapid technological advancements, organisations need to be even more innovative in creating multisensory brand delight. The CEM Africa Summit is the most influential customer experience event, helping organisations to fully understand the fundamentals of customer-centricity therefore enabling them to reap the benefits of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and equity.

Kinetic hosted the first independent CEM event in 2012 with a small audience, this year it is sold out. The event has been at the very forefront of the African Customer Experience industry, leading the way one event at a time.  Five years ago, Kinetic forecasted it to be the ‘next big thing’ in business and it has in fact grown in direct correlation with the development of the industry itself.

‘The CEM Summit has been meeting industry demands since its inception five years ago when CXM was merely a buzzword.  To today, where it is not only proving to be a necessity but is the single factor by which great businesses differentiate themselves from the ordinary,’ says Shannon Mackrill, Joint Managing Director of Kinetic.

The summit will critically engage with industry leaders allowing them to convey trends, map out growth strategies and explore various aspects of the customer experience industry. Comprising of four hot tracks, namely: CEM in 2016 & Beyond; The Connected & Online Customer; The Human Element of CEM; and Mapping the CEM Strategy; the agenda seeks to deconstruct customer experience management with the notion of educating for future development in Africa. It is specifically designed to benefit heads of client services, operations, technology, CEM, CRM and contact centres across a wide range of industries.

45 industry experts will be speaking at the 5 annual Customer Experience Management Summit: Corne Krigé, Former Springbok Captain and Motivational Speaker, Tebogo Molapisane, CEO BPeSA and Professor Adré Schreuder, CEO: Consulta Research & Founder & Chair of SAcsi, to name just a few. The advisory panel is made up of five of the most dynamic names in CEM in Africa namely:  Eddie Moyce, Former Chief Customer Experience Officer at MTN; Jean Ochse, Head of Customer Experience, Standard Bank; Chantel Botha, Head of Brand Design and Customer

Experience Strategy, BrandLove; Craig Lee, Former Customer Experience and Brand, Emirates Group; and Simon Cranswick, MD Anana Africa.

CEM creates a space to share ideas and initiate growth within the company- customer relationship.Besides the keynotes, panel discussions and master classes by and for industry professionals, expert-led workshops are designed to delve into customer experience trends and shape the African Customer Experience sphere for the future.

While the event was originally very niche in terms of product offerings, it has evolved considerably since, with sponsorship opportunities selling out months before the event. The event is now endorsed by massive brands such as Oracle, SAS and Adobe.

Lead Sponsors include: Anana and Genesys.

Platinum Sponsors include: Cornastone, Interactive Intelligence and Oracle.

Gold Sponsors include: IQ Business, Adobe, Achievement Awards Group and IBM.

Silver Sponsors include: Kofax, Ninzi and SAS.

Bronze Sponsors include: Effective Intelligence

Lunch Sponsor: Crimson Hexagon


Stop being taken for a PR ride

Stop being taken for a ride by your public relations (PR) company or ‘social media agency’ and stop throwing exorbitant amounts of money at communication efforts that are not well planned or strategically sound. A press release is not a silver bullet that is going to magically solve your sales problems, nor is a beautiful Facebook page. 

“When it comes to your organisation’s reputation, every aspect of the business contributes to how it is being perceived. Perceptions may not necessarily be correct, however they are somebody’s reality and do need to be managed,” says Regine le Roux, Managing Director of Reputation Matters. 

“Only once you understand exactly what these perceptions are, and which areas of the business is important to which stakeholder groups can you effectively put a reputation management strategy and communication plan in place,” explains le Roux.

“Too often business owners think that a clever press release or quirky marketing campaign is going to increase their sales. You can spend a ton of money on a fancy communication campaign but if your internal business building blocks are not in place, you may actually do a lot more harm than good,” adds le Roux. These building blocks, explains le Roux, include having the right processes, people and pricing principles in place; all of which needs to be glued together by a strategic internal and external communication plan.

Le Roux will be presenting a reputation management master class at the upcoming International Association of Business Communication (IABC) conference taking place at the Vineyard in Cape Town on 02 November 2016. She will be facilitating an interactive workshop on what it takes to enhance and improve your reputation, and will guide delegates on how to develop their own reputation strategies and plans. “After the session the delegates will have a very comprehensive idea of what they need to do to take their company’s reputation to the next level,” adds le Roux.

“Collaboration and agility is the new communication frontier in business,” says Carol Allers, IABC Chairperson. “At the conference we’ll be bringing together thought leaders from across the communication spectrum to engage, collaborate, network and most importantly to share their knowledge of business communication,” concludes Allers.

The IABC Conference will be taking place from 02 to 04 November 2016 at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa in Cape Town. For more information about the Conference visit:

For more about managing your reputation visit Join the reputation conversation on Twitter @ReputationIsKey and  Facebook

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