Cat D-series skid steers for multi-tasking

From a visual perspective, the new Cat D-Series skid steer line-up is distinctive, featuring a larger, robust frame design and square back that underlines its purpose as a versatile multitask unit, which, when equipped with an extensive range of work tool options, provides a broad spectrum of applications across all industries.


Loading in a new class

Whether deployed in primary or secondary materials loading tasks, Caterpillar’s new Cat 986H large wheel loader delivers with low cost per tonne production in varied sectors ranging from opencast mining, underground loading, to granite block handling, steel mill applications, and quarrying.


Competitive lending spurs sales

AT inception back in 2009, CAT Financial was concluding around nine credit transaction agreements a month, either for individual CAT machines or combined fleet orders. Today the average is closer to 50, peaking at 82 in September 2013 and the trend continues upwards in positive territory. 

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