Jasco launches generator sets

Marco da Silva, Managing Director of Jasco Power Solutions. Marco da Silva, Managing Director of Jasco Power Solutions.

Jasco Power is offering generator sets of 10kVA to 1200kVA that can be purpose built to suit any businesses requirements. In operation for 12 months and with a goal of taking a 20% market share in the highly competitive generator market space within the next year, Jasco Power has put in place the supply relationships as well as the engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and service teams to deliver a compelling offering.

Says Marco da Silva, Managing Director of Jasco Power Solutions, “We have the know-how, experience and skilled resources to provide a full service solution – from site assessment to bespoke application engineering, implementation (electrical reticulation, distribution board installation, rigging) and testing and commissioning of the generator set. We also provide related equipment, such as UPS’ and automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) as needed in conjunction with the genset system. A further differentiating factor is our tailored cloud based solution that monitors fuel levels, consumption mediums, battery voltage of the generator and actively alarms for any abnormalities in terms of theft of fuel and over filling.

“We make use of best of breed solutions and can develop solutions to specification in terms of brand, model, form factor and output, addressing the unique environmental challenges of our clients. With our business well staffed by highly skilled resources, we are fast – our turnaround is a fraction of that of our competitors on standard equipment. With pricing on a par with our competitors, our differentiator is our specialist engineering and tailored solution capabilities.”

The brands Jasco Power uses include Cummins, Perkins, Iveco, FAW, Deutsche, FG Wilson, and Volvo. “We can assist organisations in industrial and commercial sectors to build, install and maintain generator sets that meet mission critical, emergency and recreational requirements,” da Silva notes. “High quality components come with international warrantees and approvals, and we can offer our clients a variety of options to suit needs and budgets.”

Jasco Power’s larger capacity solutions are tailor made to meet the needs of mission critical operations. The company has over the last year delivered solutions to numerous large clients across industry segments, from broadcasting to ICT, heavy industry and commercial sectors.

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