LED – the lighting revolution

Most people whilst they may see the POWER ALERT messages on their TV screen or perhaps hear the appeals from Eskom on the radio to save energy during the peak hours in the evening, the reality

is that the majority of consumers have become immune to the messages.

This has been aggravated by the barrage of negative reports about Eskom, Medupi and various other issues regarding energy.

“I conduct regular LED Lighting Technology Workshops throughout South and Southern Africa, during which I urge delegates to contribute to energy saving, however, their statements have made me realise that the theory that repetitive messages have a sub-conscious desired effect has left me in doubt,” says Philip Hammond, Lighting Engineer, Blair Hammond & Associates

Regardless of the need to save energy to ensure that we all can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, LED lighting is not only energy efficient, but by changing to this exciting new technology both at home and at work will result in some astonishing financial benefits continues Hammond.

However, be warned – LEDs are not all equal.

There are an astonishing number of “brands” of dubious quality and in many cases poor performance in the market place.  Furthermore, products from several Far East countries from large manufacturers and small traders, many of whom pose as large factories on their websites, are literally dumping product in South Africa.  REMEMBER, you do not get more than the rands that you pay in LEDs.  The simplest rules to follow are – pay the most that you can afford, make sure that the products are demonstrated for you in a typical way that you will be using them.  Study the warranties.  One manufacturer from Taiwan, a company that is the third largest large computer company in the world, offers the best warranty available in the world – from 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours depending on the product category and a three year warranty.  The warranty also warrants that the product will maintain its initial light output for the full hours stated in the warranty.  It is also covered by a US$2m International Product Liability Insurance policy.  Beware of extreme claims such as 100,000 hours or more.  I recently came across a product imported from China, which stated on the box that the life expectancy was 18 years BUT the warranty was for three years based on up to four hours use per day.  Simple mathematics revealed that the warranty was therefore an extremely low 4,380 hours!

“Always ensure that the manufacturer has a proven track record and that they have been in existence for many years.” 

“Avoid paying very expensive “school fees” by purchasing poor quality and performance at relatively high prices.  Ask for independent advice from professionals.”

“Finally, rest assured, there are high quality, high performance LED products available from a leading South African lighting importer and distributor and there are also quality products available from a couple of the well known lighting brands,” concludes Hammond

The correct choice of LED product will ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of this exciting lighting technology.

Join the LED lighting revolution now! Let there be LED Light!

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