NUS Consulting Energy Management Services - Life Healthcare Group

NUS Consulting Energy Management Services - Life Healthcare Group

THE Life Healthcare Group engaged with the NUS Consulting Group to assist in the implementation of its Energy Management Services (EMS) solution in South Africa.

NUS implemented its EMS solution to include Life Healthcare’s 68 hospitals across the country. To date NUS has identified saving opportunities to the value of around R4,5m per annum and over-charges, incorrectly billed by the local Councils of around R322,000.

NUS Consulting Group and the Life Healthcare Group noticed strategic value in consolidating energy management under one consultant on a national basis. Elton Bosch, General Manager of NUS South Africa says, “By using a single consultant, Life Healthcare benefits from a globally coordinated energy risk management strategy, continuous monitoring and re-analysis of the entire groups accounts, as well as access to a comprehensive on-line energy data base, which may be leveraged for multiple purposes, including energy efficiency, site analytics, carbon management and compliance, etc. We are pleased that the Life Healthcare Group has chosen to consolidate all accounts with the NUS Consulting Group.”

The Life Healthcare Group is the second largest private hospital owner, by market value, and has been in operation for 30 years. The company was established in 1983 as a division of African Oxygen Limited (Afrox) with the acquisition from the Ammed Group of four hospitals.

In 1994 Life Healthcare established operations outside of the South African borders, with the acquisition of the Gaborone Hospital. In the years 2004 to 2008, Life Healthcare operated a UK business, Partnership Health Group (PHG) with a 50.50 joint venture with healthcare services company, Care UK Plc. In 2005 the company was delisted and sold to a private consortium led by Brimstone and Mvelaphanda. In the same year the group changed the name from Afrox Healthcare to Life Healthcare. In 2010 the company was listed on the JSE’s limited main board. In 2011 the group increased the shareholding in Life Midmed from 45% to 57%. The Life Healthcare Group has hospitals in seven of the country’s nine provinces and is looking at expansion into India and further into Africa.

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