Rand-Air lighting the way towards greater energy efficienc

QLTS solar light towers. QLTS solar light towers.

 In today’s manufacturing and industrial climate, companies which wish to remain at the cutting edge of innovation need to offer their customers a wide range of products that can provide reliability, environmental and user-friendliness, while containing costs.

Industrial equipment hire specialist RandAir has always had a culture of offering customers a wide degree of choice and quality, and is extending its portfolio with a range of new solar powered lighting solutions, perfectly suited to a number of industries and applications in today’s energy-conscious environment. Rand-Air’s solar light towers from our parent company Atlas Copco offer customers an efficient, portable ‘green’ lighting solution which is powered by the sun and is not dependent on the national grid.

This is according to General Manager of Rand-Air Louwrens Erasmus, “The advantages that these lighting options can offer the market are endless. It means that companies, which are large consumers of electricity, can return to full production without jeopardising the percentage by which they have committed to reduce their consumption.” Rand-Air currently has six of the QLT4 solar light set model available, which will offer customers numerous benefits. According to Louwrens, the towers require no fuel, no oil and no coolant. They have no rotating parts, meaning no wear and are essentially maintenance-free.

“TheQLTS solar light towers provide without any doubt the lowest total cost-of-ownership possible for such an item of equipment,” he points out. The towers are charged during the day by sunlight. The energy is captured by highly efficient solar panels which are easily tilted for optimal performance, and then stored in heavy duty batteries. “For many applications, regions and seasons, no extra charging is needed. During the shorter winter days and 24/7 operations with shorter daylight hours, an external charge connection is provided. When light is required, the high efficiency LED lights switch on and off instantly.”

“In addition, the units offer a robust design. This solution is also extremely easy to operate, light and manoeuvrable, making the light tower simple to position at the desired location for optimal work area lighting,” Louwrens confirms. Although the products are designed in Europe by Atlas Copco, they have been adapted to suit demanding African operating conditions

“With zero emissions, lowest total cost-of-ownership, portability, manoeuvrability and robust design – the QLTS solar light towers will no doubt be an ‘enlightening’ and empowering addition to local and pan-African industry,” Louwrens concludes.

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