Dura-Bump: easy, safe, secure

Dura-Bump: easy, safe, secure

Dura-Bump is a new, innovative, polyurethane design traffic calming speed bump, devised to address the current shortfalls in road safety.

Konrad de Waal, Director of Dura-Bump, says, “Because of the polyurethane patented design, Dura-Bump has successfully been approved by a growing number of municipalities in South Africa. The reason our product is so sought after in the municipal market is that the polyurethane design allows zero slip, minimal impact on vehicle wheel alignment and is safe enough to drive over with low profile vehicles. This is why we are seeing municipalities implementing Dura-Bumps to replace the more resource intensive tar humps on residential roads.”

“The feedback we often receive from communities and Ward Councillors is that we have positively contributed to road safety and, because of our job creation program roll out, we manage to get the communities personally involved in the implementation of the Dura-Bump installations.”

“It is also the only traffic calming solution supplied by the private sector that is fully attached to the road surface only with epoxy (paving, cobblestone and tar surface) which means the Dura-Bump installation team can open a municipal road just 30 minutes after installation,” de Waal adds.

The speed bumps are placed in a staggered formation and, to enhance night visibility, cat eyes are positioned on both sides of the installation. With the installation of Dura-Bumps, it can easily reduce the speed of drivers on a residential road to 30km/h. However, due to the skid resistance of the polyurethane blend it is still safe enough to drive over the bumps at a maximum speed limit of 60km/h – as stipulated on residential roads.

For the price of installing one tar hump, three complete Dura-bump sites can be installed, with less resources and with a lower impact on traffic flow due to the fast installation.

Dura-Bump’s patented design improves the effectiveness as well as minimising the destructive effects of current speed cautioning devises. As part of its drive towards a greener product, the company makes use of recycled rubber in the Dura-Bump manufacturing process. This proprietary poly-carbon blend with rubber increases the product’s ability to absorb impact and reduces the noise levels, normally associated with other traffic calming solutions available on the market.

“As part of our Community Service Initiatives, our installation team trains local contractors to install the Dura-Bump system, thus empowering these contractors to continue installations in the communities and private sector. This supports the municipalities Expanded Public Works Programme(EPWP) by driving local employment – with special focus on youth and women – and we provide certification upon completion of training by our installation team,” de Waal says.

Once a contractor is identified, Dura-Bump assists them by providing the necessary equipment needed to installation its product, along with financial support to start the installations.

“Once this relationship is forged with a contractor, we continuously provide them with more business opportunities as part of the Dura-Bump Team,” continues de Waal.

“Both municipalities – to the level of HOD of Traffic – and the private sector testify to the overwhelming impact that the Dura-Bump solution has in reducing the number of accidents in areas where it has been installed. This, coupled with the cost savings achieved makes for very happy customers,” concludes de Waal.

By: Kristy Jooste


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