A step ahead with Inkwazi Video Tracking

A vehicle picks up unwanted passengers from alongside the road, fuel is illegally siphoned from a vehicle, transported goods arrive at the destination damaged or missing, a vehicle is involved in an accident which was not the fault of the driver or was due to some action of the driver prior to the accident, calls are received from the public regarding a road incident or the way the driver is driving, a vehicle is delayed for an unexpected period of time and the reason is unknown.


Smart technology the answer to securing corporate SA

From one break-in per week and one armed robbery per month to just six break-ins in more than two years and no armed robberies during that same period. That’s the incredible success achieved by one leading South African company in securing their business premises after adopting the intuitive smart CCTV technology-enabled security solution from Myertal, SA’s fastest growing offsite CCTV security surveillance monitoring service provider.


Integrated security systems improve business efficiencies

The danger in creating silos of the separate elements of a security system is that full functionality cannot be achieved since these elements are unable to communicate effectively. The end result is a system that falls short of its possible potential to provide organisations with a solution that leverages the full functionality of the individual parts of the whole. 

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