Drone operators wait years for licences in SA. So how did Absa putting 300 in the skies over Joburg overnight?

  • Absa and Intel are planning on launching 300 light drones above Joburg again on Wednesday night.
  • Intel is to run the drone light show – but it is not listed on the SA Civil Aviation Authority’s list of licensed drone operators.
  • The drone show was mysteriously authorised quickly, while other businesses complain they have to wait years for approval.

Drones improve your security

The rapidly-growing global drone market presents a plethora of opportunities for companies to enhance their operations, or for new businesses to emerge, says Airborne Drones. With analysts putting the global market opportunities around drones at anywhere between $11 billion and $13 billion by 2020, organisations across all verticals stand to gain by harnessing the new capabilities unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) deliver.

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