Has your sales team been left in the dark?

Brian Mallory is Managing Member, founder and head sales trainer for Sales Success. Brian Mallory is Managing Member, founder and head sales trainer for Sales Success.

ALL too often change happens in an organisation; restructuring, retrenchments, promotions and before you know it the dynamic of the sales team has changed so much it’s gone unnoticed that the original team that attended a sales training course what seems like only last month has left.

Product training has been given over and over and there doesn’t seem to be traction from the sales team. Progress if any, is limited. The pressure of the business means that everyone is focused on results, but they’re not where they should be. Does this sound familiar?

Are you struggling with any of the following sales team problems?

  • Not consistently reaching monthly sales targets?
  • Unmotivated?
  • Poor time planning and scheduling?
  • Not understanding the client’s needs?
  • Not closing the deal?
  • Not setting up enough appointments per week?
  • Very little movement from the pipeline column into the sold column?

If so, you’re not alone. This happens all the time. Sales people who suffer from not knowing what to do and when to do it have massive frustration, suffer a lot of rejection and have poor sales results and they may even seem unmotivated. This however is not from lack of motivation; it’s from a lack of sales training.

If you have a B2B sales team selling high value products and would like to have your team trained in a researched and proven sales methodology, and teach them the skills of the top performing sales professionals, then look no further.

Brian Mallory is Managing Member, founder and head sales trainer for Sales Success, a company specialising in the development of sales people into top sales professionals.

Mallory’s goal is to teach what the ‘x-factor’ characteristics are of top sales professionals to salespeople and help them develop those characteristics and skills to become consistent revenue generators and perform in the top 10% of sales professionals in their industry.

Mallory has studied, researched and trained in sales, personal development, leadership, sales management, sales training, performance management, philosophy, psychology, wealth and training facilitation. 

Mallory is touted as one of the best sales trainers available, based in Johannesburg.  In the “X-Factor secrets for Sales Success” course he delivers hands on practical knowledge of how to apply each stage. Brian has been one of the best sales achievers in the media industry as well as a very successful Sales Director achieving excellence and exceeding targets in both roles. He knows the challenges that the Sales Team face as well as those of the ExCo.

When you focus on results, nothing changes; when you focus on change it alters your results.

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