Cape Town invention stops large-scale water wastage

With Cape Town praying that rain will come before the city’s dams run dry, Mike Mayne believes he has a home-grown solution to the most immediate, easiest and least expensive way to save water. “The average urinal flush uses 2 litres of potable water each time it is used,” explains the founder of Cape Town-based Sannitree, a major manufacturer of biodegradable bio-enzyme products which it markets in South Africa and exports to 30 countries


Innovative decentralised wastewater system offers massive water and energy-saving benefits

Maskam Water’s premises in Brackenfell Industria was the venue for the launch of a highly-innovative decentralised wastewater treatment system, which could revolutionise the approach to providing dignified sanitation to disadvantaged and rural communities. In addition, the system will save the country millions of litres of precious potable water by substituting treated water with recycled water for sanitation, industrial or irrigation use all at a fraction of the cost.


From plastic bag to plastic plank

About 120,000 household plastic packaging containers a month are now being diverted from going into landfill. These are mainly bottles and other packaging materials made from HDPE, PP and LL/LDPE plastic types, and which are now thankfully ending their lives as a garden bench or an outdoor table, as a chair or waste-bin and even as grandstand seating in schools and sports clubs or decking and walkways, rather than as litter or to be buried in the earth.

NewLife Plastics, pride themselves in manufacturing eco-friendly products such as tavern tables and benches for gardens, schools, clubs or staff rest areas, picket fencing, decking and walkways, pallets, planks, poles, etc. from 100% recycledpackaging. Materials used are of the highest quality ensuring our products are long-lasting and maintenance-free. The company only uses plastic packaging waste and do not use any fillers such as sawdust and wood which means the product will last well over 60 years – a lifetime!

Buying cheap products from plastic is not always a saving; wood needs regular maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced. Our products are maintenance free and will not rot or decay, plastic is durable and long lasting, stronger and denser than wood as well as being suitable in HACCP areas with no moisture absorption which means no bacterial grown as well as being impervious to corrosive chemicals.  In simple terms – we are using your plastic shopping bags, bottle caps, milk bottles, cosmetic tubes, jars, etc. to recycle up into a product that will last a forever.  Not only are you doing something constructive for the environment, you are investing in products that look as good as traditional wooden products but without the maintenance.

More importantly, by purchasing NewLife’s products, you are mitigating your personal or your company’s consumption of plastic packaging waste.

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