Schneider Electric South Africa signs Eya Bantu as an Alliance Partner for the energy sector

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation today signed an agreement with Eya Bantu Professional Services as part of its global Alliance Partner Programme for the Energy sector. Schneider Electric South Africa has localised this global initiative in order to identify, support and effectively transfer energy management and automation skills.


Innovative decentralised wastewater system offers massive water and energy-saving benefits

Maskam Water’s premises in Brackenfell Industria was the venue for the launch of a highly-innovative decentralised wastewater treatment system, which could revolutionise the approach to providing dignified sanitation to disadvantaged and rural communities. In addition, the system will save the country millions of litres of precious potable water by substituting treated water with recycled water for sanitation, industrial or irrigation use all at a fraction of the cost.


Wastewater system challenges conventional wisdom

The country’s fixation for water borne sewage and large energy hungry wastewater treatment plants that more often ‘waste’ this valuable resource, is about to be challenged at grass roots level with an exciting concept that is modular, easily expandable, simple to install and maintain, has very low energy requirements and recycles treated wastewater on site at less than R1,88/kℓ.


Energy storage for improved quality of life

Internationally, there is an increased awareness of the need to look at electrification and its provision differently. 
Renewable energy resources such as wind, water or solar solutions have shown that clean energy, energy not dependent on non-renewable sources such as coal, is not only a viable alternative to traditional power solutions, but that it carries additional benefits such as on-the spot delivery, cutting down significantly on infrastructure costs.

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