Attractive tax rules for foreign expatriates

The tax regime for foreigners who render services in South Africa for a relatively short period of time is a key area which expatriates and their employers are grappling with. These individuals (also more commonly known as 'short-term business travellers') are generally physically present in SA for periods ranging from two weeks to four months at a time. This is according to Anthea Scholtz, Tax partner and global employer services leader, at Deloitte, Western Cape.


Reputation cited as number one strategic risk by executives - Deloitte

South African companies consistently rated reputational risk as their number one strategic risk in the Deloitte Strategic Risk Survey. Exploring this in more detail, the 2015 Global Deloitte Survey on Reputational Risk finds that African C-suite executives are joining the move globally to focus more attention and resources on reputation risk as a strategic issue at board level.


Private Equity Confidence Survey highlights opportunity in East and West Africa

  • 83% of West African respondents anticipate higher transaction levels this year
  • 71% in East African respondents expect to invest more of their funds this year

The Deloitte 2015 Africa Private Equity Confidence Survey (“PECS”) has highlighted the growing opportunities for the asset class in East and West Africa, while Southern Africa still dominates transactional activity in the sector due to the maturity of the South African market.

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