Hisense Atlantis sells first 84” UHD LED TV

CBN was present as the much-anticipated Hisense factory in Atlantis sold its first 84” UHD LED TV. Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille was there to celebrate ...

CBN was present as the much-anticipated Hisense factory in Atlantis sold its first 84” UHD LED TV. Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille was there to celebrate this landmark event in an area known for its high levels of unemployment and poverty.

De Lille expresses her gratitude to Hisense for choosing to open its factory in the area. With Atlantis’ depressed economy and subsequent high unemployment rate, the 300 unskilled staff that were employed by the company, and subsequently trained in the various parts of the production lines are a great boost to the area, said the mayor.

Jessie Ma, PR and Project Manager: Marketing, from Hisense says that the company is proud to be a part of the community in Atlantis. “As long as our brand is growing and going smoothly, we will help more.”

According to Jerry Liu, Executive Vice President of Hisense Middle East and Africa, Hisense’ training programme hinges on the small divisions in the production line, simplifying the production process at each point in the line. “We have found the combination of our technicians and the local staff is working very well. This makes the training programme very effective.”

Ebrahim Khan, Deputy General Manager, Hisense South Africa says it is important for the staff, across the board, to understand the R&D and DNA capability of the company. Chinese technicians take the staff through an intensive training programme that can last up to two years, to ensure that they are fully immersed and understand the Hisense technologies that they are working with.

The City of Cape Town is piloting a business incentive programme in Atlantis to attract businesses to the area. This includes fixed electricity rates for the current financial year. The city will also consider waiving the development facilitation fee for businesses setting up in Atlantis, and is investing in the infrastructure of the area to make it more attractive to business development. It is offering a large segment of land, well below the market value, to any “green technology” company wanting to set up shop in the area. “If this incentive scheme works in Atlantis, we can look at rolling it out in more areas in Cape Town,” says De Lille.

Khan says that they look to government to look at possible synergies between companies in the area, whereby the raw material needs of local companies are assessed and supplies of these are encouraged to expand into the area, to support larger companies, such as Hisense.

Liu reiterates this statement, saying that if companies move into the area that can supply them with the materials that they use, from packaging to plastics to polyfilms, Hisense would support them.

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