Neotel fibres up the Western Cape

Communications network operator Neotel is celebrating their eighth birthday this year. The company has a number of achievements to be proud of including 15,000kms worth of fibre connecting over 42 cities and towns in South Africa.

“We are planning to fibre up the Western Cape,” said Sunil Joshi, MD and CEO of Neotel. “We are investing up to R1bn in CAPEX in the region and deploying about 16,100km of fibre, while providing the speed that the province has been asking for.”

In the last eight years, the company has been playing a meaningful role in the revitalisation of telecommunications sector, with launches of game-changing innovations such as usage-based Wide Area Network (which the company says is the only offering of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa) and usage based broadband.

“Neotel has continued to innovate in South Africa.We are also continuing to provide business services which are usage based. For example, we provide broadband on demand, Wide Area Network (WAN) service, and video to the business customer. For households, we are still looking into providing the most appropriate broadband and voice services at the best price we can offer.”

Recently, Neotel entered into an agreement with the Western Cape Government and SITA (State Information Technology Agency) for the provision of broadband services for over a 10 year period.

“We will deliver broadband services to about 2,000 buildings across the province of Western Cape. That entails providing at least 10mb/s speed to all the buildings in the initial phase - including schools and hospitals. By the end of the first phase, we will be providing 100mb/s speed to 90% of the sites. The remaining 10% will be getting 1GB/s speed, or greater,” Joshi said. “In addition to that, we will also be providing WiFi hotspots to almost every ward in the province.”

Neotel is also a proud partner of Project Isizwe, which helps drive free WiFi connectivity in the country, thus helping achieve a more connected South Africa. Adding to Neotel’s success, the company says its fibre has never gone down and its broadband products have regularly been voted as the best service offering in the country.

“We are a young start-up business that began with two people, a laptop and a spreadsheet, and is now 1,000 people strong with R3.8bn in revenue.”

“Please engage with us. We would love to work with the local businesses in the Cape and add value to them to help them grow – both in South Africa and the chosen markets around the world – using broadband as well as voice and other data services.”

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