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Reynolds Group

The Reynolds Group was started in 1988 in Johannesburg by Seumas Reynolds with an aim to provide extremely reliable efficient and cost effective sales and hiring solutions backed now by 50 years of on-site expertise which allows us to give first hand advice on what machine should be used in the correct way to complete the job, safely, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Today the machinery offered has been specifically chosen and modified to suit South African needs and ranges from simple DIY equipment to construction equipment.

The Reynolds Group sells construction equipment as well as finding out any faults in the equipment and alert the manufacturer to sort out the problem before selling it to customers through its rental fleet using it first.

The group offers both rental and sale options with the same service and back-up. It also does repairs and maintenance check-ups and delivers to the site requested.

Reynols Group is sole agent for the following manufacturers:

·         Whisker’s (Hoists)

·         Trelawny (e.g. Floor Grinders, Concrete Floor Scabblers)

·         Hycon (e.g. Handheld Breakers, Cut-off Saws, Submersible Water Pumps. Power Packs)

·         John MacDonald Group (e.g.  Breakers)

·         BSP China (e.g. Different Sized Core Drill Machines)

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