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South African farmers play chicken with Trump tariffs

JOHANNESBURG - Herman Pretorius is just the kind of white South African farmer U.S. President Donald Trump expressed concern for when he barged into the country’s delicate land reform debate by...

South Africa’s Appletiser to launch in European market

The Coca-Cola company on Monday announced that its apple juice brand Appletiser is set to take on the European market as it is set to launch in Spain, with new market launches...

Innovative wine makers raises the profile of local wines

Although the impact from the drought experienced in the Western Cape may be less severe on the the 2018 wine grape harvest than previously estimated, it has challenged local winemakers to be...

Securing a sustainable future for agriculture in Western Cape

The development of commercially viable smallholder farmers is a key element in securing a sustainable future for agriculture in the Western Cape.     This is according to Angus Bowmaker-Falconer, research associate...

Avocado ‘green gold’ ripe and ready for South Africa’s farmers

Whether you like to squash it onto your toast in the morning, millennial-style, eat it to cut your cholesterol with healthy unsaturated oil, or moisturize your face with it - if...


Police deployed to Eskom power units on suspicions of sabotage

Eskom’s power units across the country will be manned by the police to prevent sabotage, as part of an emergency plan by the government...

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