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VSD and magnetic bearings drive HVAC advances

HVAC solutions are getting smarter and more efficient every year. These advances are driven by both customer demands and new regulations. Two components that are helping HVAC manufacturers meet these demands...

Power logging meter kit now for hire

CAPE Mimics  ENERTEQ™ is one of the best handheld 3-phase alternatives for power network analysis; not just for its functionality but also because of the price. Robust, reliable and user friendly...

SA construction industry gears for coronavirus

Construction workers have been briefed about the coronavirus and building sites across the country are putting structures in place should Covid-19 hit and force them to quarantine workers and shut down...

BMG – Cape Town, Food and Beverage Expo

BMG (Bearing Man Group) Recently hosted a Food and Beverage Expo at the Hazendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, on 20 February 2020. In this video Cape Business News speaks with Robin Briggs,...

South African business confidence sinks to 21-year low

South African business sentiment plunged to the lowest level in more than two decades in the first quarter and could weaken even further as the coronavirus hits the domestic and global...


Fishing rights: lines are taut

THE delayed FRAP (Fishing Rights Allocation Process) appears to be increasing anxiety levels in the local fishing sector – especially amongst the larger players,...