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No existing DNA samples for over 46 000 sexual offenders

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has requested Police Minister, Bheki Cele, to table a Draft Criminal Law, which will allow DNA samples to be taken from convicted sexual offenders; so that police...

Locals puzzled by hundreds of dead fish

While enjoying the scenic setting of Noordhoek beach over the weekend, many locals were left puzzled by the huge numbers of dead fish lying out on the light sandy shores. We spoke...

What is office agriculture and why it it taking off around the world?

“Office” and “Agriculture” are two words that are hard to imagine together but they describe a new trend designed to improve employee wellness while reducing absenteeism in the workplace.  Isla Galloway-Gaul, Managing...

Prepare for a snowy Thursday, Western Cape

Locals out there who thought they had missed their chance of catching the last of winter’s snow are in luck. Weather forecasters have predicted the final flurries of the season may...

Restaurants under pressure to also meet new waste management rules

Companies across a host of different industries are at risk of falling foul of new legislation that has come into effect as from 23 August this year. The Waste Classification and...


BMG ‘s high-strength Tsubaki chain developed for agricultural machinery

BMG’s service to the agriculture sector focuses on the importance of the investment in quality equipment and components for high efficiencies and optimum productivity...

A WIN/WIN scenario


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