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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Coronavirus Statement

Dear Customer, In light of the current global COVID-19 situation, the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has implemented rigorous contingency plans to minimise the impact. As the situation continues to develop, please be assured we...

High speed traffic doors from Apex contain dust

Efficient processes rely on a predominantly dust-free environment in industrial minerals processing plants. By containing and reducing the ingress of dust, companies experience higher levels of productivity and lower levels of...

‘Considering selling your business?’

The decision to sell your business could well be the most important decision a business owner will make. While there is plenty of information available on starting a business venture there...

Modernised building utilities save money and resources

Water resources are under significant pressure, pushed to the brink by the modernising world, rapid urbanisation, and population growth. Utility management philosophies had not considered these long-term pressures, particularly not where...

We’re making our circle bigger

Creating a true circular economy for plastic packaging Growth in South Africa’s population and increased urbanisation has led to an increase in per capita waste generation. This places stress on current landfills...


Banking giant opens Aladdin’s Cave for all

ADVANCES in AI, internet technology and the rise of the smartphone are having a fundamental effect on business and how we conduct and interact...


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