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“We need battery metals to build electric cars. Luckily, the sea floor has plenty.”

THE state of California earned its well-deserved pro-environmentalist reputation over years of steadfast commitment to our future. In September of last year, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order forbidding sales...

International climate deal could solve SA’s energy and economy crisis

Some of the world’s richest nations recently met with South African cabinet ministers to discuss a climate deal that could see billions of dollars put toward ending the country’s dependence on coal. THE...

Carbon dioxide reactor makes Martian fuel

UNIVERSITY of Cincinnati chemical engineering student Tianyu Zhang holds up a vial of graphene used as a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide into methane. Credit: Andrew Higley/UC Creative Engineers at the University...

Extending the life of long-travel energy chains

NEW components have been developed for polymer energy chains that can easily be installed to extend their service life in long-travel applications in a wide range of applications. The energy chains, manufactured...

Finding the right words to describe civil service corruption

ONE in six senior civil servants has engaged in activities “that pose potential conflicts of interest” is disconcerting, according to the Public Sector Commission’s annual report to Parliament, Such delicate– almost Victorian...


How robotic logistics are the key to automated warehouses

IN 2018 American companies spent approximately $1.5 trillion on logistical expenses. It's a jaw-dropping number that underpins the importance of supply chain management to...


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