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    Tips for correctly handling the vacuum pump in a chamber machine

    Vacuuming of Fresh Food Vacuuming fresh food using chamber machines is often a daily activity in butcher shops, at fresh food counters for meat, sausage, and cheese products, as well as in...

    AIRCOSAVER adds intelligence (and savings) to air conditioning

    Air conditioning is one of the largest energy consumers in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Thousands of air conditioners put high demands on our electricity networks and contribute to base...

    HVAC+R sector under COVID-19

    There has been a general confusion on what part of the construction industry falls under essential services. Under the current regulations, the HVAC+R  sector, although under the construction industry, in essence,...

    VSD and magnetic bearings drive HVAC advances

    HVAC solutions are getting smarter and more efficient every year. These advances are driven by both customer demands and new regulations. Two components that are helping HVAC manufacturers meet these demands...

    New HVAC motor drives for major pharmaceutical distributor

    SEW-EURODRIVE has supplied MOVITRAC® LTP-B Eco HVAC drive units to DSV Healthcare of Meadowview, Johannesburg. Designed and engineered specifically to optimise fan and pump performance in HVAC applications, this is the...


    Managing business risks: easy steps any SME can take today 

    Small business owners should consider risk management and mitigation as a valuable form of insurance against any eventuality. It will help them protect the...


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